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Extra Extra!

Li'l Sweetie.png

Media: Mixed media - air dry clay/fast mache/ latex and acrylic paint / faux eyelashes and mustache

19" L x 14" W x 8" D


The very idea of a lemon can spark controversy. It is a fruit both sweet and sour, enjoyed in both cold and hot dishes. It can be served as a garnish in a tropical cocktail or as an aid when you feel a scratch in your throat. 

When sculpting up this zesty character, I dreamt of the rock stars I was in love with as a teenager and their controversial antics that always ended up in the press (which I read cover to cover). In interviews, they might complain about fame and the paparazzi following them, but deep down you could tell they loved the attention. 

For the vignette of Li'l Sweetie, I imagined my lemon as a musician turned movie star whose life is run by their overbearing manager/lover Cynthia. The couple is always on the run from the paparazzi, however they're the one's who called them in the first place.

Li'l Sweetie is wild, mysterious and unpredictable yet deep down, they're the sweetest slice you'll ever have.


LI'l Sweetie is SOLD and has gone to their forever home. To commission your own piece, contact Panchita here.

Filmed in downtown Jersey City, NJ by PrimmeTime Video

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