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- Tierra Dulce - _NIM Holiday Window Display - World Trade Center Oculus

October 9 - Dec 31 2022 - Solo Window Display

- The Panchita Playhouze - Into The Void Jersey City 

June-August 2022 - Solo show


-JC Fridays- ArtHouse Jersey City March 2021 - Group Exhibit

-Open Your Eyes - Fable Jones Gallery Aug 2021 - Group Exhibit

Panchita Artista is a multimedia artist & color specialist living in Jersey City, NJ. Using sculpture as a method of self-exploration and universe creation, each piece is a character that represents an aspect of Panchita. Reflective of her quirks and lived experiences, they are embodied through her favorite foods and celestial bodies.


With the help of digital animation and short film, Panchita brings these kooky characters to life, exploring themes of body positivity, gender expression and freedom of identity.


Through each creation, Panchita hopes to spark a sense of whimsy and nostalgia in the viewer while commenting on the never ending absurdities of life.

Welcome to the Panchita Universe!

Awards & Accolades

-2020 Telly Award Winner 

    Best Non Scripted/ Best In Automotive - The Vintage Voyageur

-2020 Amazon Prime Editor's Pick 

    Best Non Scripted - The Vintage Voyageur

-2019 Roy W Dean Grant Finalist

-2017 NYC Webfest Nominee

    Best Unscripted - The Vintage Voyageur

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