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It isn't beauty, so to speak, nor good talk necessarily. It's just 'It'. Some women will stay in a man's memory if they once walk down the street.

-Rudyard Kipling, 1904



Allison Maldonado is an award winning performer, producer, visual artist and self proclaimed 'It girl'.

Most known for her creation and starring role in the hit unscripted series, The Vintage Voyageur, Allison’s work has been featured in The Vintage Woman and Eighty Magazines, Fox 5 News and multiple fashion blogs and podcasts. 

An advocate for self-empowerment, Allison strives to create joyous, inclusive and educational works of art for the 'It girl' in all of us.



I have always been MADLY in love with classic movie musicals.


When I was three, my beloved Grandma Betty played On The Town for me while we ate our lunch of PB and honey sandwiches and my whole world was forever changed. 


Handsome Gene Kelly and GORGEOUS Vera Ellen! The dancing! The CLOTHES! All perfectly set amongst the backdrop of a magical place called 'New York, New York!'. I knew right then and there I wanted to be just like them: singing, dancing, fantastically dressed and doing it all in 'The Big City'. 


Unlike most childhood fantasies, mine never waned. I spent my early years making sure my parents got me to dance class on time, putting on entire productions in my bedroom, and ripping through the pages of Vogue each month to see the latest trends. When I started voicing my fascination with clothing of the past, my mom took me to my first vintage and thrift stores. The dusty shops in San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood became my playground, where I shaped my personal style while learning history through fashion. 

Once it came time to fill out college applications, I only applied to schools in New York, dead set on making it in that 'helluva town'. 


For me, fashion and performance have always gone hand in hand. Style enhances one’s character (whether it be on stage or in life) and vice versa.


After graduating from New York’s American Musical and Dramatic Academy, I spent the majority of my twenties melding both my passions together working in fashion by day (favorite brands include Kate Spade & Co, Shinola, Theory, and ABC Carpet and Home) and performing on Off Broadway, Regional Theatre and National Tours at night. I gained hands on knowledge in ready to wear, evening wear, fine jewelry, historical costuming, tailoring and even interior design. This life of intertwined career paths nurtured the idea of creating my own show that combined it all, and thus, The Vintage Voyageur was born. 


Since it’s start in 2016, The Vintage Voyageur has become my main focus and, I am proud to say, what I am most known for these days. It is my love letter to fashions of the past and the incredible way style impacts our lives.

After it’s transfer from YouTube to Amazon Prime in 2017, the series has been streamed over 5 Million minutes, won two Telly awards and made #2 on Amazon’s Editor’s Picks TV List of 2020. It’s been featured in multiple news, radio and podcast spots as well as fashion magazines like Eighty Mag and The Lexington Line. I was even able to walk in NYFW’s first all vintage fashion show (talk about a dream come true!). 


Being an independent series, it has allowed me to work every creative muscle from producing, video editing, directing, and graphic design. But most importantly, it’s been a way to share the importance of shopping sustainably and showcasing the power personal style can have on everyday life. 


Creation begets creation.

After watching The Vintage Voyageur flourish, I became inspired to bring other dream projects to life as well as assist fellow creators in their artistic journey.

In 2018, I launched Panchita Design Studio, my first foray into the world of visual arts and a celebration of my Latin heritage. Then in early 2020, I began teaching my virtual course, The Create Your Own Work Workshop, to help fellow creators bring their dream projects to life. 


As you may guess, life is busy! But it is the artistic lifestyle I have always desired. Similar to the characters in those classic movie musicals, I’m always on the move, dancing from one project to the next and dressed to the nines in the city that never sleeps. 

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